Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship Despite Military Reassignment

When a military parent gets reassigned, issues involving custody and support can arise. Managing the legal issues on your own can just make the situation more difficult. At the Law Office of Carole Cross, we offer legal support and guidance to military members facing divorce and family law issues.

Our attorney has more than 20 years of legal experience and has focused on military family law for the past 15 years. Carole Cross routinely receives referrals from past clients and from other lawyers. She is skilled at negotiating effective settlements and experienced in the courtroom. The approach that she takes to working with her clients is aggressive yet caring. She listens to clients and makes certain she understands their goals before assisting them with their legal strategy.

Reassignment issues are very particular, so it is important you work with an experienced attorney. Contact Carole Cross to discuss your situation and your legal options at +1-800-761-0961 or +1-800-761-0961. We serve clients throughout Texas, including Fort Worth, Dallas and other cities across Texas.

Responding To Military Orders For Reassignment

There are a number of situations that require the attention of a skilled military parental reassignment lawyer. At the Law Office of Carole Cross, we handle issues involving:

We recognize that you will have questions about your particular situation, and we are here to help you get the answers you need. Our team will focus on the legal issues you are facing so you can keep focused on your career and family.

Contact A Law Firm Led By An Attorney Who Is A Military Family Member

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