Consulting And Collaborating With Other Lawyers Regarding Military Divorce And More

Attorneys throughout Texas often turn to the Law Office of Carole Cross for information and guidance to support their clients’ military divorces and other family law cases. Some are unfamiliar with military divorce and other family law matters involving servicemembers. Others need support for special areas of their clients’ cases.

These lawyers are willing to go the extra mile to make their representation as strong as it can be for their military and military family member clients. They rightly realize the value of attorney Cross’s relevant depth of knowledge and experience both as a lawyer and a military family member.

Strengthening Military Clients’ Family Law Cases

Like anyone grappling with critical family law issues, a servicemember or the spouse of a servicemember often has much at stake in a divorce or custody case. We welcome referrals and co-counsel arrangements with family law firms statewide.

At Law Office of Carole Cross, we work with other military family law attorneys on challenging aspects of their cases. Services that we provide include the following:

  • Interpretation of military regulations that affect servicemembers and their family members in a divorce, custody case or any family law matter
  • Case strategy development and improvement
  • Drafting of discovery documents
  • Drafting of proposed property division arrangements
  • Advising lawyers on unique problems that their military clients’ family law cases present
  • Arranging for attorney Cross to testify as an expert witness in hearings and trials
  • Advising attorneys on how to help their clients avoid wasting time and legal fees through arguments over benefits that neither they nor their spouses will be entitled to

Request A Meeting With Attorney Carole Cross

Lawyers and law firm representatives throughout the state are welcome to contact our firm for information and assistance with a contested or uncontested military divorce, child custody modification or any legal issue involving at least one servicemember.

To reach our law offices in Dallas-Fort Worth area, call +1-800-761-0961 or send an email inquiry.