Protect Your Financial Future In A Military Divorce

Active military members face challenges that are unique from civilians when going through divorce. These challenges can be even more difficult when you are deployed and unable to give your legal issues your full attention. At the Law Office of Carole Cross, we will undertake the legal issues that you are facing so you can keep your attention and focus on your job.

Throughout Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding Texas military communities, we handle military divorce and family law cases. Our firm is well-known, and we receive many cases through word of mouth and from other attorneys. If you value straightforward advice that is tailored to meet your specific legal needs, work with the Law Office of Carole Cross.

Because we focus our entire practice on military divorce and family law, we have invaluable unique insight into effectively representing active, reserve and retired military members. Please call us today at +1-800-761-0961 or +1-800-761-0961 to schedule a free consultations for military.

Dividing Assets And Debts

Reaching an effective property settlement agreement may not seem easy, but when you work with an experienced attorney who knows how to effectively represent clients this process will seem much easier. We’ll work with you to identify separate and community property assets and liabilities for mediation or trial.

We work with military personnel from all types of backgrounds and facing all types of unique situations when going through a divorce. We will walk you through the process of how your assets are valued and how your debts will be divided. Our team is here to answer questions you may have about property such as real estate, military retirement, debts, inheritance, gifts and more.

Contact Our Experienced Military Property Division Lawyer

Please contact the Law Office of Carole Cross to discuss the details of your divorce case and to learn about how we can help you in your family law case. Call +1-800-761-0961 or +1-800-761-0961 to schedule a free initial consult with attorney Carole Cross.