Respected Texas Lawyer Advises On Military Parent Deployment

Orders for deployment change many aspects of your life, often very quickly and you need a plan. You will likely have questions about your Family Care Plan, how deployment will affect your family and what you need to get done before you are deployed. You can turn to our law firm for guidance and straightforward answers to your questions.

At the Law Office of Carole Cross, we handle legal issues involving deployment, custody, divorce and other family law issues. We work directly with our clients throughout all steps of the legal process. Our goal is to resolve your legal issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

Attorney Carole Cross has more than 20 years of experience in military family law. She is a trusted and competent legal resource. To schedule a free consultations for military to discuss your case, please contact us at +1-800-761-0961 or +1-800-761-0961.

Understand Your Deployment Rights And Options

Being deployed overseas makes every aspect about communicating with your family more difficult. For active military members who have gone through a divorce or have existing custody agreements, effectively dealing with deployment is of the utmost importance.

Our military parent deployment lawyer, Carole Cross, provides comprehensive advice for deployment and related issues. From reviewing your contract to providing representation while you are deployed, we will advocate for your best interests.

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If you have questions, we are here to get you the answers you need. Please contact us at +1-800-761-0961 or +1-800-761-0961 to schedule a free consultations for military. We handle cases throughout the state of Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth and cities across Texas.