Military Child Support Attorney

As an active military member, you want to be certain that in the event of a divorce your children are cared for. This includes their financial well-being. Because of the complicated issues that often arise with military families, it is important you work with an experienced military family lawyer who can determine an effective approach to take in resolving the legal issues you are facing.

At the Law Office of Carole Cross, we are focused exclusively on assisting military members with divorce, child custody and related military family law issues. We are proactive in resolving disputes and look for the most efficient and cost-effective approach to take.

We will work with you to overcome the legal challenges you are facing. Please contact us at +1-817-265-8300 or +1-800-761-0961 to schedule a free consultations for military. We handle cases throughout Texas, including Fort Worth, Dallas and other cities.

Calculating Child Support Payments And Child Support Allowances

In military divorces, child support payments are calculated with a number of different factors. This includes all sources of income, not just a base pay. Attorney Carole Cross will look at all factors that will affect your child support case and set expectations about the likely outcome of your case. Our legal team is here to answer questions about leave and earnings statements (LES), BAS and BAH and child support, custody, and more.

A Seasoned Litigator On Your Side

Our military child support lawyer has more than 20 years of experience representing both men and women in legal issues in Texas. Carole Cross is well-recognized in the legal community and has extensive litigation experience. She frequently receives many of her cases from referrals from other lawyers and from past clients.

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Support issues raise a number of questions. At the Law Office of Carole Cross, we will take initiative in getting you straightforward answers. Please contact us at +1-817-265-8300 or +1-800-761-0961 to schedule a free consultations for military to discuss your military divorce, custody or child support issue.